For calling Indian mobile and landline, Rynga VOIP service is good but it requires Internet

  • You can get VOIP apps for iOS, Android or Windows
  • Charge is around 1 cent per minute
  • They have an option for using Local access which means we'll be calling a local landline number in France and through that connecting to an Indian number
    • But this may require an unlimited local calls in the mobile scheme.
  • If you don't have internet in mobile, this service is good Telelinks


  • Lyca is the cheapest mobile service to call India (costs like 1cent per minute). But local calls in France are expensive (around 19 cents per minute) but Lyca - Lyca is free.
  • Free provides a free call to Indian landlines but call to mobile costs around 8 cents per minute.
  • SFR - Usually cheap
  • Bouygues Telecom

Note: The offer changes from time to time. Usually, you should visit the website and check the plans. For the first time visitor from India, we recommend Free service provider which usually has 20 Euro Plan - 100 GB internet. You can go to Republique (Location above)and have the plan. They will charge you for a SIM along with the plan.

Later on, based on your choice, You can change the plan. You may change the service provider using the below steps.

    • Using the line you wish to keep, ring 3179
    • You will be connected to an automatic vocal server that will read out your RIO number and then send it to you via SMS. This RIO phone number is a 12-digit number unique to your line that is used to transfer a phone number from one provider to another.
    • Communicate your RIO code to the new provider. They will then take the necessary measures to transfer your phone number onto the new contract. Generally, you can fill the form online, do payment and they will send the SIM to your address within 2 to 7 days.

Using Indian Sim[edit]

  • Airtel sims have international roaming pre-activated. Call charge per minute is 100₹. But missed calls and incoming sms are free. You have to recharge the basic monthly pack.
  • For Vodafone and Idea, we have to activate international roaming and they charge 100₹ per month
  • For BSNL, only postpaid sims have international roaming.

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