This page contains links to some useful stuffs about coming and living in France especially from an Indian point of view.

Life in France

France is a developed country and the 'standard of living' here is quite high. Living expense is also quite high, but it is less compared to Switzerland, etc. French government provides good support for research. The Social Security provided in France is quite good. French people are also very friendly but if you don't speak French, it's difficult to interact socially.

French people are not at all racists. They don't consider anyone as an outsider, especially if you speak French. And in most of the Government offices in France, service is much much better than in India - they promptly reply to emails, take photocopies of customer documents as per need, etc. French people do enjoy their life. They have like 40 days vacation every year and they don't work outside office hours. i.e.; they mostly work from 9 am - 6 p.m. And they do take a good lunch break also. But during their work hours they are as dedicated as any - that shows in their achievements.

Another speciality of French people is that they do have good family relationships. At many tourist places you can see couples, including many old ones, coming and enjoying their life. Even in cities you can find a lot of families roaming around.

Since people from many countries come to France, take care of your stuffs while travelling. Many pickpockets and baggage loses happen in France, especially Paris.

Should I know French

For most of the French people, French is the only language they need to know. Everything in France is in French - from advertising boards, newspapers, TV channels to computer keyboards. So, if you need anything in English it should be specially obtained. And you won't be able to find many people in France speaking English fluently. It's because their accent is completely different.

If you're doing an English course, then you can manage without learning French. Google translate is always there. But, if you want to mingle with locals or to obtain a job outside an English speaking organization you should definitely know French.

--Arjun (talk) 22:54, 16 November 2013 (UTC)


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