Official Documents Required[edit]


  • Birth Certificate with Apostille: Sometimes translation may also be needed but it can be done easily in France. This is needed for Social security and for getting CAF benefit for housing. For married people, wedding certificate must be apostilled.
  • Educational Certificates
  • Passport with Visa
  • Convention d'accueil or other Invitation letter

Things to take[edit]

If you are coming on student visa check with your airlines for extra luggage offer.

Money in EURO[edit]

  • SBI Euro Card: If you are not having a bank account in France the best way to take money is the SBI Euro card (Visa). It can be charged by giving INR in SBI India and can be used as a debit card in France, free of cost. But withdrawing from ATM is charged.
  • Get EURO in cash from SBI (SBI branches with foreign exchange gives it)

Cooking Utensils[edit]

French food is delicious and sweet. But they miss spices. So, it's a good idea to start cooking. And for cooking some stuffs are to be taken from India.

  • Pressure cooker: It is available in France but is about 3 times expensive
  • Mixer grinder: Only blender is available in France. If you're lucky you can get a grinder but it'll be expensive
  • Induction stove: It is good to have as electric stove in France takes a long time to cook.

Stationary Items[edit]

  • Almost all stationary items including pen are very expensive in France


  • Unlike in India, it is possible to go almost the whole of France just rolling our suitcase. So, ensure to carry bags with wheels. From my experience it is worth paying a good amount of money for a branded bag because it makes life easy in France (Branded bags with 4 wheels and 360 degree rotation are much much easier to roll).

Conversion Plug[edit]

  • Though in France its 220V, the plug used is of EU form. So, if you're bringing any Indian electronic item, carry a converter also as Universal converter can be costly in France. It is good to get an extension board with universal multipins (may be 2) from India as it is not easy to find in France
  • 2 pin in India works without a converter in France

Electronic Items[edit]

  • All electronic items will be around 10-20% costly in France compared to India


Dresses are costly in France unless if on sale. It is also good to take towels and all from India as they're expensive in France. Winter clothes and jeans might be better to buy in France due to wide selection and similar prices as in India.


  • India GSM mobile phones work throughout Europe.
  • Airtel, TATA Docomo sims have International Roaming available in France without any procedure. Roaming calls are pretty expensive- ₹150 per minute or so but incoming SMS is completely free.
  • Vodafone requires special activation for roaming in France and BSNL prepaid doesn't have international roaming YET.
  • The cheapest mobile purchase scheme is France might be from FREE, starting from 2€ per month.
  • Lyca, Lebara etc sims are available even from India (the sims are French and not roaming) and they provide cheaper calling back to India.

Other stuffs[edit]

  • Indian Masalas: Masalas are available in France, but may not taste like Indian ones
  • My brands: Check if your favorite brands are available in France. For example its difficult to get Yardley products in France
  • Tea: If you like Indian Tea or Bru it is good to take them from India. They are mostly unavailable in France.

What not to take?[edit]

Branded Shoes[edit]

  • Branded shoes are of the same price as in India or sometimes cheaper also

Rice Cooker[edit]

  • Available for less than 15€

Other stuffs[edit]

  • Jackets: may be costlier than in India but more options in France
  • Dining Plates: Cheap and good dining plates are available in France

After coming to France[edit]

See New in France

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