Things to Do[edit]

If you are on a long stay visa, the first thing you need to get in France is a place to stay (accommodation proof). After this you can apply for a bank account which is needed for many other purposes.


  • If you're a student, apply for a CROUS apartment
    • email
    • It's 20$m^2$ but very small bathroom for PhD students and $9m^2$ shared bathroom for master students
    • Rent is around 270-350€ for $20m^2$ and 100-175€ for $9m^2$ and it includes water, heating and electricity
    • No need to pay house tax
    • Student Record: Completing this online form is mandatory every year
  • Apply for an apartment

  • Otherwise, you can find apartments for rental on leboncoin
  • Before you move from a house, you can tell post office to forward your letters to the new address
It will cost around 30€ for 6 months of letter transfer

Housing Aid[edit]

  • Apply for CAF which is housing aid from the government
If your previous year salary is within a limit, they will give you housing assistance

House Insurance[edit]

Pay CROUS rent online (in Rennes)[edit]

Pay Rent

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Bank Account[edit]

Apply for OFII[edit]

  • Need to get your accommodation proof
  • Fix appointment with UEB (check if your University is subscribed to UEB service)
  • OFII charge is around 241€ and 58€ for student visa

Register in University[edit]

If you are a student, register in the University to get the University ID card
  • Fee is around 390€ for Doctoral studies

Social Security[edit]

  • After getting the first month salary slip apply for Social Security
  • You might need to translate your birth certificate from authorized translator whom you can find here

Internet and Mobile[edit]


Calling India[edit]

Calling India

For online shopping[edit]

Online Shopping


Travel in France

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