Which VISA?[edit]

PhD candidates in France are eligible for 2 types of VISA - Scientific as well as Student. They both have their advantages:

Scientific Visa[edit]

  • Requires Convention d'Accueil from the host organization
  • Spouse of the candidate will be given a scientific dependent visa entitling him/her to work in France till the end of the PhD contract
  • Visa is free if the contract is from some National Research Organizations
  • Tax Benefits for 2 years. Please see Taxes in France

Student Visa[edit]

  • Allowed to stay back in France for 6 months after the end of study
  • Can drive in France for the entire duration of study with native driving licence (for all other type of visas, the period of driving is only 1 year)
  • In many countries to get student visa, application should be through campus france

In short if driving is not your objective, scientific visa is better. Because you'll anyway be getting a student card and with that you will get benefits of students like student residence and all.

New in France[edit]

New in France

Settling in Rennes[edit]

Settling in Rennes


  • Number of courses required is according to the University you are registered to.

INRIA advantages[edit]

  • INRIA has contract with UEB, they take care of visa application/renewal. You should take an appointment with UEB.
  • If you have INRIA contract, apply for Cheque vacance in Inria-Agos (For 1 year we get check worth 400€ by paying 240€
    • It's accepted in SNCF, travel agencies, many restaurants and other tourist places)
  • AGOS do give other benefits like gift cheques after marriage. For a full list please visit AGOS

University Software Repos[edit]

University de Rennes1

Going for an official visit[edit]

Taking a leave[edit]

If you have taken at least 20 days leave in a year, the remainder can be transferred to CET account to be used in the following year, or to en-cash.


  • Library
  • FTP
  • VPN
  • SSH service (for Rennes centre): Login to transit.irisa.fr. Before login you should have copied your public key to the server.

See SSH without Password

Teaching as a PhD[edit]

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