• Transferwise: they give the best exchange rate- about 80 paise more than any other per Euro and do the transfer in a day. First transfer is free but next onward they charge a fee. (Even with fee it is economical than any other transfer)

If you use the above referral link, you get first transfer for free else. Even with charge, Transferwise is economical than others


  1. Create account
  2. Add beneficiary account
  3. Pay via online transfer or by Card
  • SBI
  • ICICI: We have to send our bank details to ICICI or hold an ICICI bank account in India for transferring more than 1000€
  • Yes Bank
  • AXIS Remit
ICICI offers slightly better exchange rate than SBI. First we have to create account in these sites, then link our French 
as well as Indian accounts
Then for ICICI we have to send money from our French account to their German branch and for SBI to their London branch
Most banks in France wonʼt charge for transfers within European banks
The money we send to our dependents in India would be exempted from Income tax calculation in France

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