Things to Do

New in France

New in France

  • Apply for OFII
    • Fix appointment with UEB (if your University is subscribed to UEB, otherwise you should go to Prefecture)
  • If you are a student, apply for an CROUS apartment
  • Apply for Social Security. Everyone should have a registered doctor in France and this is an English speaking Doctor

For shopping visit

  • Carrefour at ALMA (Bus No. 3) or Rigoudiere(Bus No. 30 or 67) (supermarket)
  • Intermarche at longchamps (Bus No. 1 or walking from Beaulieu Atalante)
  • Electrodepot (for electronics) (Bus no. 30 or 4),
  • Ikea (home accessories) (bus from University de Rennes 2)
  • Decathlon (for shoes and other sports accessories)
  • TROC near McD at Rue de Fougeres (for second hand goods) near LongChamps
  • There's an Indian shop near city centre as well as some Asian shops near Rigoudiere and other places


Travel in France

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